Sunday, 9 November 2008


Wow.... loads to catch up on. Okay so what have we been up to since August. Well I celebrated my 36th birthday by going to my ma and pas for a bbq... which was very nice except my dad got stung by a wasp. Went out with the girlies from work to Chimichangas which is a real nice mexican in town. I had the giant profiterole!!! mmmm yum.
In September my mum and I went to Eden Hall. It was a lovely day, we loved it. Although I had a massage and I think it dislodged my back and I have been suffering ever since. Still it was a good day... thank you Roy for getting it for me for my birthday - I needed a day of pampering and that was what I got. Then we went off to Cornwall for a week. It was great - a real family holiday - we went out every night, got to go on the beach (which was rare for the summer we had) and Taylor loved dancing to Millie, Maxi and Multi every night. I think we will go back real soon.
Then in October we had Taylor's birthday party at Rand Farm. It was great... cost me an arm and a leg but she really really enjoyed it... We went out for her birthday itself with Nanna and Grandad and took her to Fun Farm where she was let loose on the slides!! LOL.
Its been Halloween and Taylor had a party at nursery which she loved, and went dressed up as a scary skeleton thing! I was pretty scared!! He he... Taylor stayed at Nannas whilst me and Roy went to see Katie Melua live in concert - it was very good but then I got sick... I have finally recovered.
What about me.... welll over all this I have been busy with my jewellery making again. I am hoping to get enough together to sell at the end of this month so people can buy stuff for CHristmas. I only sell for charity and don't make a profit on anything. I keep the cost of the jewellry very low as I am only an amateur and am more likely to sell stuff this way. My charity is Cystic Fibrosis which is a charity close to our hearts as we have a family member who unfortunately has this... We are raising money to find a cure!!
The only other thing is now Taylor has a giant bed - a full single - she went in it last night and I think she loved it. She only woke up once but that was for a wee - I peeked my head round last night and she was hanging out of it... I was gonna move her, went for a pee pee and when I went back in - she had got back in the bed...!!! Phew... No doubt we will experience some falling out as she has been so used to having some sides on her bed... Fingers crossed it won't scar her!

Right update over!!!!

Saturday, 2 August 2008


Its been too hot, hot hot....I want it much cooler!

Anyway, what we been up to - not much, day to day stuff. THe weather has been pretty darn hot which has made sleeping pretty crap - us in Britain are pretty crap at dealing with weather, in an ideal world we would all have air conditioning but we would probably only use it two or three days a year, so like a blunt pencil - pretty damn pointless.

Taylor has been busy, on our days off together we have been out lots and lots. We spent the day in the park last Friday - it was such a hot day that we decided to meet up with friends, Leah, Isobel and Thomas (and their mums!!) and have a pickernick! We sat in the shade eating sandwiches and cake - lovely....

I've been going to the gym and generally been really really good with the diet. Been spinning but only once just to give my knees a rest but managed to go swimming on Tuesday and then had the day off on Wednesday to get my hair done.

I have changed my hair (see picture above) - I've had highlights and I love the new look... It makes me look a little bit younger I guess I just wished I felt it!! Roy has managed to book me into Eden Hall, and I'm taking my mummy... We are going in September before we both go off on holiday so we are well excited about it.

Today I lost 3 and half pounds on diet.... well chuffed. oh yes, and got eyebrows waxed - should be another pound off then!!! Then we went off to East Stockwith for Tom and Jess' party. Tom and Jess are children of friends Lee and Lisa. The weather came good and it was a lovely afternoon. Lee and Lisa have a great garden and loads of toys for the kids to play with and Taylor was really happy - she gets on well with Tom and Jess - We were the only ones left, I wanted to try and keep Taylor in her routine but also wanted to stay cos when she is having a lovely time its difficult to tear her away.... anyway, she has gone sound asleep in the land of nod now and there will be no waking her up till morning!!!

Right that's me, I'm beat, I'm sat watching Bridget Jones Diary now wondering when my eyes will close and i'll be struggling to keep them open.

Nighty Night

Saturday, 12 July 2008


This week has been quite busy....Been at work, and done nothing but doc man - it drives me wild. On Thursday got weighed and lost two and a half pounds so well chuffed with that. Nearly back to pre-holiday weight! Took taylor into town before that and did some shopping - was in Primark and Taylor couldn't stop saying "I love you mummy, I love you mummy" - it was ace. People were looking at me cos she kept wanting to kiss me too... but I didn't care. There is nothing better when you're two year old wants to say I love you over and over again. I took Taylor swimming on Thursday afternoon - I wasn't very happy with the gym staff as whilst I was swimming they decided to remove my shampoo and conditioner so when I got to the showers, I couldn't wash my hair - aaaaaagghhhh!

On Friday me and T went into town early on as all week I have been cycling to work and taylor has started asking me where my cycling hat is - how could I make my daughter wear a hat and not wear one myself - so I now have a cycling hat, which incidentally makes me look a right prick - but a safe prick at that. We went to Louth on Friday afternoon - went to see Kimmy at Kenwick Park but she had other things on her mind, which I totally understood about. Then we visited Auntie Gay who we hadn't seen since Crimbo... She totally spoilt Taylor which Taylor thought was brill - then it was off to Ma and Pas (aka Nanny and Grandad!). Taylor was wrestling with my dad, it was well funny.

Okay, and here we are today, decided to do spinning about 15 minutes before the class. Already booked in for spinning on Sunday but decided to do another class... okay I must be mad, but it was a few points I wanted so I could have a treat today - but yet its nearly 10 pm and I still haven't had it.... so it looks like I might be able to lose some more weight this week... Fingers Crossed.

Monday, 7 July 2008


We had a fab time on our hols - Super Weather. We got down on the afternoon of the Monday and head straight for the beach. This was Taylor's first time on the beach and she was so excited. It was about 4.30pm so Roy and Taylor took their shoes and socks off and went off for a paddle. I just chilled on the beach. That night we just couldn't get T to go to bed. She was a hyperactive little monkey - running up and down in the caravan - she was so excited to be on her holiday - I was gettng stressed cos she wouldn't go to bed so we decided to go for a drink. Here I was thinking that I was a bad mother for taking my 2 year old out at 10pm and there were loads of children Taylors age. It was very noisy in the club but taylor managed to fall asleep in her buggy after about 20 minutes. We had another bevvy then called it a night. On day two we set off to hire a boat from Wroxham - the weather was lovely and we had a lovely leisurely cruise for a couple of hours. We then went to catch the minuature Bure Valley train - which taylor loved. She saw Annie and Clarabel which really thrilled her.

On the Wednesday we went off to Great Yarmouth.

It was a cooler day but we went to the Sea Life Centre and to the Pleasure Beach where Taylor enjoyed some rides on the horses.

On the penultimate day of our hols we decided to go to Pettits Animal Adventure Park. What a fantastic day out - Taylor had an absolute ball - it was a kind of petting zoo and adventure park all in one with some fantastic rides - just right for Taylors age. We couldn't get her off all the rides which included the elephants, her first rollercoaster and the train.... oh my she loved the tunnel!!
We didn't want to come home so soon because we had a fab time and it really was all about Taylor and everything we did, she just loved so much - from being in the caravan to going for days out we had the best time. I hope Cornwall is just as good but suspect it will be a little bit more for us too this time.
Thanks for reading


Okay so its been two months - but there is no excuse now - I have a laptop and I can blog more often in the comfort of my sofa.... So here's whats been happening since I last posted:-

Roy and I went to see Jack Savoretti back in June in Manchester - what a fantastic show - it was well worth the long drive and I loved every minute of it - in fact, if you check out You Tube you can just see my head in one of the videos from the NIght and Day concert. Its class music. Roy has seemed to master the art of playing the guitar standing up after years of sitting down and playing - this makes life a lot easier for Taylor and me, we can tell him to SHOO when the noise gets a little too much.

We have been on our holiday - We went to Norfolk - I'll blog about that in a separate blog. Since being back from hols we have been working hard and Taylor has developed a huge passion for Winnie the pooh - and of course her Nanna and Grandad who she talks about all the time. We went up to Bracebridge last week to see the Waddo Air Show from the comfort of Sam's mums back garden - that was nice, I got to see the Vulcan fly.

I have been trying to diet but really struggled - but I am hoping to get back on track. I would like to lose at least a stone before we go on the next holiday in September but it is darn hard when Taylor has so many nice sweeties in the cupboard. I always said I would never eat her chocolate buttons but I just cannot resist. However, I am now working out at the gym, going swimming and just started doin Spinning classes - I must be damn crazy cos can you believe doing spinning earns 6 points on WW. That's two Mars Bars at least. Fantastic.!!!! So it should drop off eh? Here's hoping

That's it - check out the blog on my hols.

See ya

Monday, 5 May 2008


It has been some time!!! Nearly a month since I last blogged.

So much has happened - so I'll just have to summarise and hope that next time I don't leave it so darn long.

We have been busy with getting a new roof on the house, although the roofer was supposed to come back to fix something but he hasn't been back - I held onto £200 smackers just in case, and I guess he's just calling it a day?? Maybe he will come back - who knows.

Taylor has been in her big bed for nearly a month and thankfully we have done very well. She seems to like it. She is a good sleeper now in general just has her early waking moments - it was 5am this morning. However, we have hit the terrible twos in a major way and she is throwing tantrums every few minutes - but they are getting better - we went thru a couple of days only just this week where I was at the end of my tether.

I have started working 3 full days now at work - which is good for me and won't make much difference to Taylor.

We have been going to the gym and Taylor has found new confidence in the swimming pool which is great - she is gonna be a good little swimmer I hope.

I have lost 3lbs since I last blogged, but I don't hold out much hope for this week - we went to little Nathan's christening on Saturday and I pigged out.

Thats us for now.... Will blog soon.

Saturday, 12 April 2008


Its been a long week. Taylor started waking lots in the night, but didn't appear unwell. Then we had a night of full sleep so thought everything was okay. Then we went back to waking me up fifty million times in the night. Then came the full blown snotty nose. On Thursday we went to WW and I lost 2lbs - YAY. I managed to get my little knitted hats off to Tibet for the poor babies that are dying of hyperthermia. Thursday lunch was get together at Collettee and jakes. We had Fajitas and the kids had a ball playing and generally making a mess. Thursday night was night out for me at the theatre. It was great. Went to see the Full Monty - it was a fab show and the acting (even tho amateur) was absolutely brilliant.

On Friday we went for a ride on the bike and then chilled out - after all Taylor's nose was running like Niagra Falls. Bless her. Still struggling with her sleep tho... she went thru to 4.ooam last night, however, refused to go back to sleep for about an hour - just kept waking every two or three minutes - drove me barmy.

Today Daddy has turned Taylor's cot into her real big bed - so tonight will be the test... she seems excited about getting into bed - so we will just have to wait and see - the novelty will be whether she keeps getting in and out. Fingers crossed.

That's me, off to Gym tomorrow in hope that I can shed a few more pounds this week - after all I've just been eating Tortilla Wraps with cheese - not so good!.