Saturday, 2 August 2008


Its been too hot, hot hot....I want it much cooler!

Anyway, what we been up to - not much, day to day stuff. THe weather has been pretty darn hot which has made sleeping pretty crap - us in Britain are pretty crap at dealing with weather, in an ideal world we would all have air conditioning but we would probably only use it two or three days a year, so like a blunt pencil - pretty damn pointless.

Taylor has been busy, on our days off together we have been out lots and lots. We spent the day in the park last Friday - it was such a hot day that we decided to meet up with friends, Leah, Isobel and Thomas (and their mums!!) and have a pickernick! We sat in the shade eating sandwiches and cake - lovely....

I've been going to the gym and generally been really really good with the diet. Been spinning but only once just to give my knees a rest but managed to go swimming on Tuesday and then had the day off on Wednesday to get my hair done.

I have changed my hair (see picture above) - I've had highlights and I love the new look... It makes me look a little bit younger I guess I just wished I felt it!! Roy has managed to book me into Eden Hall, and I'm taking my mummy... We are going in September before we both go off on holiday so we are well excited about it.

Today I lost 3 and half pounds on diet.... well chuffed. oh yes, and got eyebrows waxed - should be another pound off then!!! Then we went off to East Stockwith for Tom and Jess' party. Tom and Jess are children of friends Lee and Lisa. The weather came good and it was a lovely afternoon. Lee and Lisa have a great garden and loads of toys for the kids to play with and Taylor was really happy - she gets on well with Tom and Jess - We were the only ones left, I wanted to try and keep Taylor in her routine but also wanted to stay cos when she is having a lovely time its difficult to tear her away.... anyway, she has gone sound asleep in the land of nod now and there will be no waking her up till morning!!!

Right that's me, I'm beat, I'm sat watching Bridget Jones Diary now wondering when my eyes will close and i'll be struggling to keep them open.

Nighty Night

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Mely said...

Tay is so big Rach! She needs a smocket...Did you get my birth announcement for Paxton? I am glad you left me a comment, I could not find your blog to add it. You look just smashing!!!!! I have been doing the gym and diet thing as well. I go 5 days a week with a fried of mine. was great to get to catch up this way!