Sunday, 9 November 2008


Wow.... loads to catch up on. Okay so what have we been up to since August. Well I celebrated my 36th birthday by going to my ma and pas for a bbq... which was very nice except my dad got stung by a wasp. Went out with the girlies from work to Chimichangas which is a real nice mexican in town. I had the giant profiterole!!! mmmm yum.
In September my mum and I went to Eden Hall. It was a lovely day, we loved it. Although I had a massage and I think it dislodged my back and I have been suffering ever since. Still it was a good day... thank you Roy for getting it for me for my birthday - I needed a day of pampering and that was what I got. Then we went off to Cornwall for a week. It was great - a real family holiday - we went out every night, got to go on the beach (which was rare for the summer we had) and Taylor loved dancing to Millie, Maxi and Multi every night. I think we will go back real soon.
Then in October we had Taylor's birthday party at Rand Farm. It was great... cost me an arm and a leg but she really really enjoyed it... We went out for her birthday itself with Nanna and Grandad and took her to Fun Farm where she was let loose on the slides!! LOL.
Its been Halloween and Taylor had a party at nursery which she loved, and went dressed up as a scary skeleton thing! I was pretty scared!! He he... Taylor stayed at Nannas whilst me and Roy went to see Katie Melua live in concert - it was very good but then I got sick... I have finally recovered.
What about me.... welll over all this I have been busy with my jewellery making again. I am hoping to get enough together to sell at the end of this month so people can buy stuff for CHristmas. I only sell for charity and don't make a profit on anything. I keep the cost of the jewellry very low as I am only an amateur and am more likely to sell stuff this way. My charity is Cystic Fibrosis which is a charity close to our hearts as we have a family member who unfortunately has this... We are raising money to find a cure!!
The only other thing is now Taylor has a giant bed - a full single - she went in it last night and I think she loved it. She only woke up once but that was for a wee - I peeked my head round last night and she was hanging out of it... I was gonna move her, went for a pee pee and when I went back in - she had got back in the bed...!!! Phew... No doubt we will experience some falling out as she has been so used to having some sides on her bed... Fingers crossed it won't scar her!

Right update over!!!!

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